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Gail Longenecker, dip LCM

About Gail

Hi there!

For over 15 years, I've raced throughout the world as a collegiate rower, an Ironman triathlete, and a professional cyclist.  I've come to realize the importance of nutrition and massage in everyone's lives.  

My studies at the London College of Massage, England started my formal training in massage therapy and nutritional services.  I now specialize in developing the best possible programs for you that allows you to lose weight, improve your performance, or battle a disease.  

You can expect a simple 1-on-1 consultation so that we can discuss your GRADE which are your Goals, Rest, Attitude, Diet & supplements, and Exercise.  From this information, together we develop a personalized program which is both effective and attainable in the form of massage and/or nutrition therapy.

I am honored to work with you, and look forward to helping you achieve success!

Gail Longenecker, dip LCM
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