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Gail Longenecker, dip LCM

Massage Therapy



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Thank you for visiting my website.  Unfortunately, my practice is full so I'm unable to take NEW clients at this time, including insurance clients. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, but feel free to check back with me in the future. 

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If you are a CURRENT or PREVIOUS client, please drop me an email or phone call. 

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Your massage will be fine-tuned to give you the level of comfort that you expect from a highly-trained professional.  I specialize in sports & work injuries, headaches, and back pain.  My massage tends to be deep, therapeutic, and goal-orientated but is adjusted to meet your needs! 

A La Carte Massage
$105 for a full 60-min massage 
Cash and credit/debit cards accepted.
Sorry, no personal checks accepted. 
Gratuities are not expected, but appreciated.
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